there's hope in the air, there's hope in the water

i'm putting my loving on standby.

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I'm not the "if you love someone you should set it free" kind, never been, never will be.
I believe if you want something, love someone, you should fight for them, no matter how hard it is, how hurt you are, because that's life, that pain you feel, it's life. So make the best of it. That's what I believe in.

I'm seventeen but tend to think like a twenty.I'm sarcastic and picky. I speak french most of the time. I don't smoke, and only drink at occasions. I'm smart but I happen to be really silly at times. I'm too stubborn and moody . People who don't know me think I'm a bitch, but that's only because I stand up for myself, but i'm not. You just have to know me .

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